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EME 6930
Jennifer McIntosh

Mountain View Hello, I'm Jennifer McIntosh. Currently completing a Master's Certificate in Multimedia Design from the University of South Florida(USF). This is my third class here at USF, I'm hoping to complete my certificate the summer of 2017.

I'm an Instructional Designer at a local business here in Tampa. I've been working in the field for almost two years. I used PowerPoint (PPT) to develop storyboards and Adobe Captivate to compose the final products. I have very little knowledge of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. My knowledge consist of using a 'template' using very little advance code.

I am originally from the Bahamas but I've lived in many different states and countries before settling here in Tampa. I love to travel, I love seeing the world and the many wonders that it shows us!

What I would consider as considerable strengths would be the following:
  • Ability to work well within a team or group setting.
  • Developing self-paced training.
  • Developing specific course material using PowerPoint, Captivate, and Articulate Online programs.
  • Communicating effectively, efficiently both visually and orally.
  • Engaging the learner through writing, layout, imagery, theme, and activity feedback.
  • Creating deliverables that are learner centric.
  • Creating learning sessions with information that is useful and applicable to the learners’ real world.

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